Our Staff and Writers


At Visions Publishing, Inc. our goal is to make a difference in the special needs community. As such, most of our writers have special needs. Many are on the autism spectrum.

In our staffing, we strive to hire creative individuals with special needs challenges. Many of our employees including writers, editors, web site administrators and graphics designers have special needs. We are very proud of our staff and the dedication they bring to our community.

We have designed our processes, work flow and working environment to be very flexible to match the unique needs of staff with work challenges. Many adults with autism have difficulty working in a traditional office due to noise, odors, temperature or other distractions. We have designed a process where most of our staff can work from any location — for example their own home office — which allows them complete control over their working environment.

Scheduling is also designed to be flexible and match the working hour needs of our staff.

Special Needs Professionals

We continually seek out creative “experts” in the areas of special needs. These span the range from certified autism therapists to regular moms who have tremendous knowledge to share with others to help raise happy, well adjusted and independent special needs adults.

Our Thanks

Many professionals have voluntarily contributed their time and writing skills to improve the quality of our content and to provide us with articles for our websites and newsletters. To this generous community, we extend our thanks.