Module 1 – The Interview

Thank you to joining us. Module 1 – The Interview explains the core foundation of the entire interview process. In this module you will learn:

  • How the boss thinks – and how you can ensure your success regardless of what question you are asked
  • How to give an answer that helps you be selected over other candidates
  • How to think of the interview as if you are scoring points in a sporting event – and how to score the most points
  • Which answers work…and which don’t in getting the job you love

This module goes way beyond words and shows you fundamentally how the boss thinks when hiring someone. Once you understand these principles, you will instinctively do well in any potential interview you will ever have.

Watch The Module 1 Core Training Video:

But before you start, I suggest that you first print out the workbook. Simply click on the download link below. Once you have the workbook, start the video.

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