Your Personal Advertisement

Module 2 – The Resume, Your Personal Advertisement  provides a strategy for developing a unique style of resume that will get attention…and get you an interview! If you have not already completed Module 1, I suggest that you do that first. This module builds off of the information you learned there.

In this module you will learn:

  • Why a resume is NOT a resume — it is an advertisement for YOU
  • How to write your resume so that you get picked out of the hundreds of other candidates who get skipped
  • A simple and easy process for writing your resume based on Golden Tickets which you wrote in Module 1 (you need to finish Module 1 before attempting this module)
  • How to cleverly cloak problem areas on your resume such as gaps in employment
  • A super successful strategy to turn your advertisement into a video

Follow these simple steps and your resume will exceed those of the vast majority of resumes a company may receive.

Watch The Module 2 Resume Training Video:

You may want to print out the example resume that goes with this module before starting the video. Simply right-click and choose “Save-As” to download to your computer

Click here to download the Module 2 Resume Example (MS Word format)

Click here to download the Module 2 Resume Example (PDF Format) 

Copy of Slides for Taking Notes


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